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Avantis is the ancient name of Euboea originated by the name of its inhabitants.

They were warriors and had participated in the Trojan War under the command of Helephinor, their leader. In his epic poem 'Iliad' Homer refers to Avantes as follows: “Brave Avantes inhabitants of Euboea coming from Chalkis, Eretria as well as grape producing Istiea and Kirinthos by the sea and even high up from Dion, Karistos and Stira, all were commanded by Helephinor, fearless in battle, strong leader of theirs. Fast, long haired warriors carrying long spears, always willing to attack and beat the enemy. Forty black ships were at sea, awaiting them.”

ILIAD – RHAPSODY B’ (verses : 494 – 590) The Lilantium plain was inhabited by Hippovotes - rich landowners who owned the famous Lilantium horses which inspired us to make them emblem of our Estate. Nowdays Avantis Estate is a boutique winery awarded with lots of medals in international competitions. It is run by capable people serving true values. Quality, production of ancient as well as modern varieties of grapes research about the potency of terroir - these are their goals. Wine production is their only occupation. They share the same passion and a vision to create the 'Great' wine from Euboea.