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Wine tour - Wine tasting - Wine wellness

 Opening days & hours

Wednesday - Thursday - Friday : 10am - 4pm 
Saturday: 11 am - 5 pm
Sunday: 11 am - 4 pm
Avantis Shop : daily 10am - 4pm ( open only for purchase of wines & cosmetics )


The visit includes a tour of the production facilities and our cellar.
Through a detailed guided tour by our experienced partners, someone will learn about the history of our Winery
the production process of our wines and the winemaking process.


Choose within a variety of tastings that combine the terroir of our Winery in Evia.
Enjoy your favorite wine by the glass - combine it with a variety of chees or cold cuts 
and relax at the cozy courtyard of the Winery, in front of the Sauvignon Blanc vineyard, planted in 1990.

GRAPE THERAPY - Wine & Wellness
Complete your visit to the Oenotherapy Boutique with the most relaxing experience offered our beauty expert.
A grapetherapy ritual with the Lenga skincare out of our vineyards that we created back in 2009.
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 Experience Wine Tourism with us in an environment that honors authentic Greek hospitality, with services of high quality,

worldwide awarded wines and innovative cosmetics that combine Wellness & Wine.