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Open Cellar Doors 2018

26th - 27th of May at Avantis Estate

Dear Avantis Estate Wine lovers, the most addictive celebration of the year is nearing…..

The Weekend of May 26th and 27th we celebrate the OPEN CELLAR DOORS.

For one more year we have the doors of our Winery open and we invite you to join us in this event in order to live this unique Wine touristic experience.


 Saturday 26.05.2018

11:30  1st  Guided tour

12:30  Seminar – Wine Tasting  ‘At the Winery’s Sanctuary’ by the President of the Greek Sommeliers Union mr. Andreas Matthidis  AIWS (a reservation is required).

12:30  Activity for children: A guided tour especially designed for children. (5-10 years old)

14:00 2nd Guided tour

14:30   Game .....’Find the Wine’ (it is presented in greek. A reservation is required).

15:00   3rd Guided tour

17:00   4th Guided tour  


Sunday 27.05.2018

11:30  1st  Guided tour

12:30  Seminar – Wine Tasting ‘Selection of Avantis Estate Collection Barrels’ by  the Wine Journalist mr. Simos Georgopoulos (a reservation is required).

12:30  Activity for children: The Magic Grapes, constructions with corks and a pastry workshop for cookies by the Cake me team (children 5-10 years old)

14:00 2nd  Guided tour

14:30  Game…..’Find the Wine’ (it is presented in Greek. A reservation is required).

15:00 3rd Guided tour

17:00 4th Guided tour


On both days there will be:

Wine-tasting of Avantis Estate wines

Guided tours

Activities for children

Face and Skin treatment with Lenga Grape Spa

Special prices for wines

Special prices for cosmetics

Special prices for accommodation in hotels of the area



When??? :   May 26th & 27th

Where??? :  Avantis Winery in Mytikas, Evia

Hours??? :    11 am – 7 pm

Dress??? :     The simpler the better.…don’t forget we have a vine next to us.

What shall I do??? :  You will taste the wines at their natural place of production, you will meet the people behind the labels, you will relax from the difficult daily stress, you will improve your knowledge about wine and leaving the place you will keep the sweetest reminding from the hospitality of Apostolos & Lenga Mountrichas.

Entrance??? :  Free

Distances??? :  Only 45 min. from Athens, just 5 min. from Chalkis

Access instructions???:  Please visit our website

How shall I spend my day???:  ….and for this year…Perfect!

May I buy there???:  In special prices.

Parking ??? :  There is ample parking space at the Winery's courtyard. 

Accomodation???: You will get special prices in some of the near hotels.

Information???: On Tel. +30 2221055350 , or we will be glad to answer all your questions at


Opening the Cellar Doors, we will be glad to welcome you and this year in our Home that we hope to become, for a few hours, your Home also…